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For more information and advise on the Kick Start Program please contact myself Ulrika on 07795 211 316 or you can email me at info@fitnesswithulrika.com

Kick Start Program

This Kick Start Program is scientifically formulated to help heal the gut. This kit has been designed not only to cleanse and detox the body but has also been specifically formulated to help heal the gut and re-balance our microbiome. The gut is the hub to all our systems and its health affects our immune system, our mood, our ability to lose weight, our digestion and much, much more. Getting the gut microbes into balance is the first step towards achieving elite health, solving health issues from the root cause.

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Each of the five products in the kit are there for a specific reason:

pro argi 9


ProArgi-9+ relaxes and widens the arteries, enabling the body to access deeply held toxins in stagnant areas of the body. It also helps remove ammonia.

biome dtx

Biome DT

Biome DT is an innovative dietary supplement with zinc, glutamine, psyllium, plant extracts and seeds. It is high in chlorophyll and helps the body to come out of an acidic state into an alkaline state. Bad bacteria, candida, fungi and parasites reduce when the body is alkaline as they prefer to live in an acidic body. Biome DT also helps your body to remove heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury.


Biome Shake

Biome Shake is made from a pea protein and is very filling. Within it is inulin, made from chicory root, which is a pre-biotic. These fermentable fibers create the right environment in the gut for good bacteria to flourish.

body actives

Biome Actives

Biome Actives contain pre and probiotics which are the good bacteria to put into your body and populate the gut. The spore called bacillus coagulans is very robust and can survive your stomach acid and even cooking at high temperatures.

body prime

Body Prime

Body Prime is a magnesium capsule with apple pectin and prune powder. We are often deficient in magnesium and this helps us with energy levels and cardio vascular health. Body Prime is formulated to help lubricate the bowels allowing toxins to move out of the body easily.

The Program
There is a suggested 7 to 21 day programme that goes with the kit and we will be on hand to support you through the programme.

Please Contact Ulrika if you would like more information on the Kick Start Program. These products are based on cutting edge science and this kit is the first of its kind to market. We have already seen remarkable results from those that have trialled this transformational programme.

Many people have:

  • Lost weight (although it is not specifically a weight loss programme)
  • Improved digestion with no bloating more energy
  • Found that they sleep better
  • Loss of cravings
  • Relief from aches and pains, a more positive energy and feel calmer

What my clients say ...

Kick Start Program

Kathryn's Story

I met with Kathryn today to find out how she’s got on with the 21 day gut health program- WOW Great news! Kathryn came off her acid reflux medication only a week into to the program and fingers crossed up to yet she’s had no flare ups and feelings of fatigue are gone! In her own words she will never go back to having tea or coffee and she loved the shakes! She also discovered a whole lot of new interesting foods and experimented with goats products and veg to find new favourites.She lost 5 pounds and 2 cm over her waist and 4 cm over her hips which is really impressive as exercise was less than normally. She found the program really easy to follow and she wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to other people. Other benefits definately improve in energy levels, better sleep and no more aches or pains in back and shoulders. Improved bowel function and digestive health , a few break out of spots(which is natural when toxins leave the body) but hair felt less dry, fuller and more alive! Amazing results- Well done! X

kick start program 1
Kick Start Program

Kathryn’s Story (2nd time completing the program)

Lost 2kg approx 4.5 pounds. Lost 12cm approx 5 inches 5 cm from tummy🎉 Hair and nails stronger and longer. Niggly tummy pains all gone! Everyone around me had cough cold and sickness bugs but not me! Sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night - more in the first week! Regular toilet habits maintained! Good eating habits are maintained after the 21 days as there is a much better awareness around additives and sugar etc.
All good results but it's hard to do this challenge. Don't underestimate the amount of food preparation and cooking required and expect to feel really unwell with awful headache and mood in the first week. The energy and positive health benefits do carry on long after tho so it's worth having a go. 👍😁
Kathryn xx

kick start program
Kick Start Program

Sharon's Story

Sharon Bakewells first 21 day purify/kickstart journey results: Worried about being able to stick to plan Not really missing tea/coffee or dairy Energy levels improved especially in afternoon when normally slumping Digestive health massively improved with no more stomach pains- the main reason for doing the program 5 lbs lighter - feeling lighter and more confident for the holiday ahead No cravings More open minded to try new veg and recipe ideas. Xx

kickstart program
Kick Start Program

Sue’s Story

I met with Sue Rick today to find out how she got on with my 21 day Gut Health Program. A BIG Well Done on your great results Sue!

  • Bloating gone in first week
  • Digestive Health massively improved
  • Increase in energy
  • 7 pounds lighter and clothes a lot looser
  • Hair much fuller  
  • Less aches and pains all over
Kick Start Program

Lisa’s Story

More fantastic Purify Reset Results- help me in congratulating Lisa Marshall for successfully completing the 21 Day Program that consists of clean eating and nutritional supplements designed to reset the microbiome and the gut flora.

  • Heaps more energy - as hubby described now springing out of bed
  • Getting off to sleep easier and much better quality of sleep
  • More level headed and in control of stress and anxiety- no longer waking with dread
  • Positive dreams
  • No more headaches/migraines
  • Big improvement in joints- shoulders, knee and sciatica
  • 5 pounds lighter
  • 6 inch off in total across waist, hips and bust
  • Going for longer walks and an urge to start exercising more and even signed up for 5k park run
  • Mood hugely improved
  • Dentist very pleased with teeth in latest check-up
  • Skin softer - a lot less dry and complexion better with no spots

A huge well done!! Lisa is so pleased she did the program as it levels you out, teaches moderation and feelings of being in control and she says give it a go even if yo have self doubt as it really isn’t as hard as you think

Kick Start Program

Angela’s Story

A huge Congratulations and Well done to Angie for your fantastic 21 day gut reset results!

  • Knee pain massively improved only a few days in to the program
  • Dealing with stress much better - a lot more laid back
  • All tummy upsets gone
  • Scaly scalp massively improved
  • Hair much shinier
  • 5 pound weightloss
  • 4 inch off in total around back, waist and hips
  • Feel alot brighter and more positive

Angie’s own words: I had a few selfdoubt moments prior to the start but I’m so chuffed with myself for doing this, it has made me aware of what I actually eat, it’s made me try different herbal teas and dairy free products, it was so much easier than I thought to stick to and it has set me up with a great foundation for the future and I’m looking forward to continue my new healthy lifestyle!

Kick Start Program

Wendy’s Story

Huge well done to Wendy Hammond for your fantastic gut reset results!
Over 21 days we help and reset the body’s microbiome combining healthy eating and nutritional supplements and the results are life changing!

Here are Wendy’s results:

  • Down a dress size from 16 to 14
  • 3,5 kg weightloss which was her main goal
  • Bloating reduced and now shopping for bikinis rather than costumes
  • Confidence, body image and feelings of postivity through the roof- lots of positive comments from hubby and friends
  • Improved sleep especially the reduced time dropping off to sleep
  • Heeps more energy- getting up earlier and walking at least 7km a day
  • Dry scalp and skin much improved
  • No more chafing of the legs
  •  Lot less aches and pains

Wendy says she was a bit apprehensive as to whether she’d be able to stick to the program but was surprised how easy it fits in with her and hubby’s lifestyle, how little she missed bread and dairy and loves how she has altered her way of looking at food and what she puts in to her body. She says it has been worth every penny and can’t recommend the program including the support and motivation enough and she is already planning on repeating it beginning of next year! Help me in congratulating Wendy for her awesome efforts and results. Xx


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